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Winnetka Theatre
At Prairie Lakes Community Center
515 E. Thacker, Des Plaines, Illinois

April/May 2003
Phineas Taylor Barnum is a name that signals showmanship, ballyhoo and big-time entertainment all over the world. The man that gave us that legend was born in Bethel, Conecticut, in 1810 and the show "Barnum" traces his career from 1835 to 1881 when he joined James A. Bailey to form the circus which was justly called "The Greatest Show On Earth".

Helga Kennedy & Marsha Rutenberg ~ Producers
Rick Frendt ~ Director
Nancy Flaster & Ann Fink ~  Choreography
Alan Gill ~ Music Director
Marian Frendt ~ Set Design & Decoration
Helga Kennedy ~ Stage Manager/Props
Tom Ziobro & Logan Langballe ~ Set Construction
Robby Woolson ~ Sound Design
Geoff Bauerfeind ~ Lighting Design
March / April  2003
Scott J. Sumerak ~ Phineas Taylor Barnum
Alexius P. McCauley ~ Ringmaster/Bailey/Goldschmidt
Jenni Sumerak ~ Charity Barnum
Susan Bauschke ~ Jenny Lind
Marian Kaderbek ~ Joice Heth
Wil Kight ~ Tom Thumb

The Ensemble

Leah Fisher ~ John Davis ~ Stacy Deemar ~ Steven Kaliski
Christie Carroll-Weprin ~ Adam Sales ~ Andrew Kepka
Naomi Kopelman ~ Jeff Goumas ~ Brian S. Wismer
Ann Stuart ~ Nhil De Chavez ~ Shalyn Wismer ~ Ann Fink
Jill Heyser ~  Kristin Wismer ~ Scott Robins ~ Eastman Presser
Fantastic set design by Marian Frendt
Scott J. Sumerak as P.T. Barnum
Susan Bauschke as Jenny Lind
Marian Kaderbek as Joice Heth
Brian Wismer entertains the crowd!